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Christian Ethics for Youth

Faythelma Bechtel

[Christian Ethics for Youth (by Faythelma Bechtel)]
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God has done His part in letting us know how we should live. In His Word, the Bible, He has given us a complete ethical standard of conduct. The Bible clearly presents principle of right and wrong. These are beautifully summarized in the Book of Proverbs with a special appeal to youth.

You will want to refer often to Proverbs as you read this book. In the back of this book is a section entitled "TOPICAL PROVERBS." These are collections of verses from Proverbs related to the topic about which you are reading. You are encouraged to read these verses when suggested in the text.

You will find Proverbs gives much positive advice on a wide range of character traits which display ideal ethical conduct. Proverbs also reveals the negative side of conduct that does not conform to Christian ethics. In Proverbs you will find the moral code by which you can live properly, lovingly, and happily with yourself, your family, your fellowmen, and your God.

As you read this book, you will find the power of Proverbs lovingly and pointedly applied to your young life. You will discover though God's Word the answers to the crucial issues you face. You will find that the "new" ethics of this world and Christian ethics are a world apart.

If you read and study thoughtfully and prayerfully to the end, you will find your life will be changed.

A thorough and well-organized study of the Book of Proverbs for youth. The forty-two chapters cover topics from wisdom to foolishness, friendships, morality, ethical problems and solutions, and much more. Fascinating, real life illustrations help young and old apply Biblical truths. The last 71 pages list proverbs arranged under nearly fifty subject headings. Excellent for youth classes and special studies on the Proverbs.

Christian Ethics for YOUth -- $11.50

305 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
Copyright: 1992
Bechtel Books

Workbook -- $9.50

The worksheets in this workbook expand each topic in the textbook through study of relevant Bible verses, most of which are from Proverbs.

Worksheets Answer Key -- $5.50

Tests -- $3.50

Tests Answer Key -- $2.50


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