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A Faithful Steward


[A Faithful Steward (by committee)]
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    Former title: Studies in the Doctrine of Stewardship

    The scope and significance of stewardship demand that more attention be given to the study of this subject. Stewardship, like many other Bible subjects, touches us in many areas of life. It is the purpose of this study to address many of these areas and to identify Bible principles that can guide us in being faithful stewards.

    The first edition of this study guide was published in 1984 and then revised in 1987.

    This new edition has been expanded from ten lessons to twelve, with some adjustments to the lesson titles. The format has also been changed from an outline to text. The lessons have been designed with an aim to identify and apply Bible principles. Each lesson includes several Scriptures to Study, as well as marginal references which support the lesson comments and are intended for further study. The Study Questions are based on the lesson text, while the Discussion Questions lead into expanded application of Bible truth.

    Table of Contents

    1. God -- the Owner
    2. Man -- the Steward
    3. A Steward for God's Glory
    4. A Steward of Life
    5. A Steward of the Earth
    6. A Steward of the Family
    7. A Steward of Possessions
    8. A Steward of Finances
    9. A Steward in His Giving
    10. A Steward in Daily Living
    11. A Steward of Time and Talents
    12. A Steward of the Gospel

    84 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.4" x 8.25"
    Copyright: 2009
    Eastern Mennonite Publications

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