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Light for Your Path

Mary Ellen Beachy

[Light for Your Path (by Mary Ellen Beachy)]

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    Devotionals for Young Readers

    A faithful preacher escapes from prison with the help of angels...a young kidnapped boy refuses to do wrong...a crippled girl faces robbers along a lonely road in Belize. These true stories and more are all found in Light for your Path.

    Inside you will find stories promoting honesty, obedience, courage, and humility. You will also meet godly role models as well as those who have learned painful lessons.

    Each story ends with a suitable Bible verse to draw the young heart to the truths of Scripture. This book is ideal for use in family devotions or discussions involving young children.

    We trust your family will be nourished by Light for Your Path. Through it we hope your heart will be drawn to God, who is able and willing to take care of every detail of your life.

    246 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 6" x 9"
    ISBN: 1932676104
    ISBN: 9781932676105
    Copyright: 1999, 2008
    Vision Publishers

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