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Thatched Roofs and Prairie Blizzards

Elizabeth Wagler

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    Dominga and Santiago live with their children in Belize, a country of steamy hot days, colorful parrots, and tall palms. Sometimes hurricane winds howl across their country, destroying buildings and flattening trees. Their home has board walls, a dirt floor, and a thatched roof. Dominga makes tortillas in a smoky cooking house and washes clothes on a rock beside a water pipe. Santiago raises crops year-round for food and works on the banana plantation. The children gather firewood, shell corn, and swim in the river.

    Karen and James live with their children on the Canadian prairies where the growing season is short and winters are bitterly cold, with blinding blizzards and deep drifts. Their sturdy home has well-insulated walls. In spring, wild geese fly overhead and robins visit their yard. Karen fries fresh sausage links in her kitchen and hauls the children to school. James works in the grain field and feeds cattle. The children feed baby chicks, go sledding, and drive toy tractors.

    The homes and live of these two families are very different, but as you follow their normal, everyday lives, you'll see that much is the same. They need food, clothing, and shelter. They face decisions, trials, and temptations. They need each other and Christian fellowship. Above all, they need God. For, wherever man exists, his basic needs and challenges are the same.

    Live with these families and see if your life isn't a lot like theirs.

    260 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
    ISBN: 9780878136483
    Copyright: 2007
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