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The Only Sister

Dorcas R. Mast

[The Only Sister (by Dorcas R. Mast)]

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Carrie Seymour finds herself in a family of six boys, with herself as the only sister. No, hers is not a boring life, but being the only sister brings its own special challenges.

Go with ten-year-old Carrie as she fills her place in the daily life of the Seymour family. Learn with her about God's perfect plan for her life. Meet her six brothers, who keep her life interesting -- and sometimes make it hard. Peek into the windows of the Forgotten House, and get to know the snippy new neighbor, Mrs. Berridge. Meet Carrie's friends at church and at school, and learn with them about friendships.

The Only Sister will take you into the everyday life of a busy, lively family. The Seymour parents guide their family in a godly way, and their children learn by both their words and their example. Together, they all find their place in God's perfect plan.

Written especially for the junior age level.

293 pages -- hardcover
Dimensions: 5.6" x 8.5"
ISBN: 0739923706
ISBN: 9780739923702
Copyright: 2005
Rod and Staff Publishers

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