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A Woman by God's Grace

Anna Mary Byler

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A devotional and inspirational book for women that deals with many practical aspects of family living, scheduling, being "too busy," family worship, and many other topics of Christian living. The author strongly emphasizes God's divine order of authority and the joy of Christian womanhood in the will of God.

Each time a baby girl is born, a lifetime of choices is begun. She will grow to become either like the submitted and beautiful Bride of Christ or like the proud and rebellious harlot of Babylon.

In all of God's creation, what is more lovely and attractive than the woman who permits the grace of God to radiate through her life the purity, the humility, the softness that God intended for the female gender?

The Bible contains the mind of God and reveals His marvelous love and grace for all humanity. To the degree that any individual accepts the truth of God's Word in a personal, life-changing way, that person's life will radiate the love and beauty that comes from God.

This book seeks to remind and encourage the reader to set the right priorities, to make wise choices in her everyday life and responsibilities, and to allow the Spirit of God to warm her heart and draw her to Himself, that His grace may permeate her life, making it beautiful for Him.

A sequel to A Woman for God's Glory.

142 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 1932676120
ISBN: 9781932676129
Copyright: 1992, 2002
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