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    God’s Miracle — an Egg

    By Mark Roth on December 17, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    God's Miracle — an Egg

    With illustrated poetry, this book teaches children about the miracle of the development of a chick inside an eggshell. Fourth in a series of stories about God’s miracles.

    Peck! peck! Crack! crack! An eggshell breaks.
    Look! There’s a little beak.
    We watch until we see a chick —
    All wet and very weak.

    But soon the yellow feathers dry,
    To soft and downy fluff.
    Cheep! Cheep! Look what our egg is now —
    A chickie, sure enough!

    These little chicks are miracles,
    Alive on wobbly legs;
    For only God could make our chicks,
    Inside the smooth, round eggs.

    28 pages. Christian Light Publications. Rebecca Newswanger.

    Published in 2009.

    For more details as well as the option to buy: God’s Miracle — an Egg

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