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    Working Vacation

    By Mark Roth on September 25, 2010 at 10:11 am

    Updates at the end

    • October 8
    • October 13
    • October 22
    • November 11

    Well, not really a vacation.

    Just somewhat of a break from our regular work.

    We’ve been super busy here at Anabaptist Bookstore — many thanks to all our customers!

    And now our family is in the throes of moving to another house about eight miles from where we’ve lived the last six years.

    So at this point (Saturday, September 25), we’re planning to ship some orders on Monday and then (likely) no more shipping until October 6 or so.

    However, we will continue to take care of customer service issues as they arise.

    And our sites will continue to take your orders. When we resume shipping, we will take care of orders chronologically.

    For updates as they are available, please stop by this blog.

    Thanks for your patience.

    October 8 Update: We are in the closing stages of moving. We hope to have completely vacated the “old” place by tomorrow evening.

    It has taken way longer than anticipated.

    For reasons that I might elaborate on more later, only three (instead of five) of us have been working at moving.

    It took our new phone company eight days to get us phone and Internet service (instead of the three first indicated). And our service is still suffering from “issues.” And I still don’t have our business line hooked up.

    At this point, I don’t see how we can resume business operations before this coming Tuesday. 😯

    Thank you for your patience. I’m sorry about the extra delay. 🙁

    October 13 update: Now it’s Wednesday (relative to above’s Tuesday) and we have high hopes of finally being able to resume shipping tomorrow. This long delay with its various problems has been extremely discouraging to me…primarily because of the hardship it works on you and on our business.

    I still haven’t got our business email fully functional, though I hope to experience success on that by later this morning.

    Our business phone line is still not hooked up, but I hope to have that operational by this time tomorrow morning. Alas, I forgot to change our contact forms, so it’s still giving our old business number. 🙁 I’ll get those fixed after posting this.

    Yesterday I finally was able to get our main business computer connected to the Internet.

    Again, I’m sorry this address transition has proven so bad. Thank you for your patience!

    October 22 update: We continue to make slow headway in shipping backlogged orders. But we are making headway! Many thanks to all of you for your patience.

    We’re still having issues with our business phone line. If I could at least the voicemail working, that would be great. But at this point, we don’t even have dial tone in the house. So if you need to contact us, please use email or the form on our contact pages:

    November 11 update: Good news: We’re almost back into a regular shipping routine. And our order backlog has been significantly reduced. I’m expecting to be completely caught up within a week.

    More good news: Our business phone line is finally operational! I put the number online a few minutes ago at the above contact pages.

    I’m planning no further updates to this particular blog post. Any further updates I plan to put in their own posts, so be sure to check the blog’s home page. 🙂

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