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    God’s Miracle — Me!

    By Mark Roth on January 29, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    God's Miracle ā€” Me

    God made me,
    Look and see;
    You are special too.
    Head to Feet,
    All complete,
    Think what we can do.

    Jump and run,
    Oh, what fun!
    Watch our kicking knees;
    See them bend,
    Look, my friend
    They’re not stiff like trees.

    Press your chest,
    While you rest,
    Feel your heart go “Thud,”
    Beating strong,
    All day long
    Pumping all your blood…

    …If you are weak,
    Or cannot speak,
    Hear or see or run,
    God made you,
    Yes, it’s true.
    You’re His special one.

    Ears and nose,
    Knees and toes,
    Heart and hands and eyes,
    Tongue and lips,
    Thank you God, so wise!

    25 pages. Christian Light Publications Rebecca Newswanger.

    Published in 2008.

    For more details as well as the option to buy: God’s Miracle ā€” Me

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