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    Do I Have the Right Spirit?

    By Mark Roth on March 2, 2009 at 10:13 am

    “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”
    —Matthew 5:7

    A native of South Africa was falsely accused by a white seller of stealing a horse. The white man, a non-Christian, ignored his explanation and proceeded to punish the native to serve as a warning to other natives. So he tied the native to a tree and cut off his right hand. Months later the white man was overtaken by darkness and storm far from his cabin. Seeking shelter in a native hut, he was given good food and a place to sleep. When he awoke, a tall African was standing over him. As their eyes met, the native held up his arm without any hand. The white man realized that his time had come. He knew the natives in the area were cruel and revengeful. He waited, expecting each moment to be his last. Slowly the right arm dropped, and the native said: “This is my cabin and you are in my power. You have maimed me for life; but I am a Christian, and I forgive you.”

    Doing good to those who hatefully mistreat you is Jesus’ command. It is not natural for unregenerate man, but is normal and necessary for the follower of Jesus.

    Being merciful involves our attitude toward other people. We show mercy as we forgive those who wrong us and hurt us. We show mercy as we forgive those in need and extend a helping hand. We show mercy as we demonstrate forbearance toward family members who borrow our clothes, take the biggest slice of pizza, or hog the computer. We show mercy as we are kind and understanding toward those with physical and mental handicaps.

    Do I give others the benefit of the doubt?
    Do I hope something nasty happens to someone who has wronged me?
    Do I get upset when someone “cuts in front of me” literally on the highway—or on the road of life?
    Do I freely forgive, or do I say, “Pay me what thou owest”?

    Excerpted from: Daily Truth for Godly Youth

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