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    December 2008 Newsletter

    By Mark Roth on December 15, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Anabaptist Bookstore
    Email Newsletter
    December  2008



    I last sent one of these newsletters in December of 2005! I hope this marks the turning over of a new leaf.

    The main purpose of this newsletter is to provide quick monthly updates. Frankly, though I subscribe to quite a few newsletters and updates, I don’t read many of them. That’s because most of them are longer than the attention span I have to give them.

    So I aim to make this one short, with links providing additional information and details for those items that might interest you.

    Oh, and one other thing. I plan first to publish this one on Ampersand (our blog — http://www.anabaptistbooks.com/blog/) and subsequent issues via Yahoo! Groups.


    Ever since we started selling Rod & Staff curriculum, we have told customers it could take up to two weeks for such orders to ship. We cut that time in half in January 2008. So all orders from our three sites now have the same target processing time: five business days or less.

    For more policy information, check out the FAQs here:



    In the last year we have add quite a few books, among them:

    For a more complete list of additions:



    We have used and damaged books available right here:



    Can I order CLE and Rod & Staff curriculum in a single order?

            No. I wish it could be otherwise.

    Do you honor publisher sales and promotions?

            No. Well, not usually, anyway.


    I know that’s not the fanciest forum name around. It’s not even the most imaginative. But it is short and it does work.

    So stop by to buy, sell, trade, give away, or receive educational materials.



    Who are the people behind Anabaptist Bookstore? Well, we’re the Mark Roth family. My wife Ruby does the packaging and most of the shipping during the school year. Our two still-attending-school teenagers Michayla and Andrew do most of the summer packaging. Our early-twenty-something daughter Dora does most order filling plus a bunch of computer and email work. Dora also sews almost all the dresses that are ordered from us. Ruby “builds” the customized-to-each-customer patterns. And I? What do I do? Not enough.  🙂

    The close of this year marks the end of our eleventh year in business. We are grateful for your business; by it you support our family. We have hit some rough patches this year which have affected a few of you. Thank you for your ongoing patience!

    Please forward this to at least one friend. Thanks!


    I send this newsletter only to people who WANT it.

    To subscribe, simply send a blank email to
            abonews-subscribe AT yahoogroups DOT com

    Thank you for your help and support!

    Mark Roth


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