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  Pepper in Her Pie Mrs. Cleon Martin  
temporarily out of stock [Pepper in Her Pie] [Amish Pioneer Series] This book is based on real-life experiences of Amish settlers in Kansas a hundred years ago. It is the warmly personal story of adventure-seeking Yost Fisher and his reluctant wife. She did not relish being torn from her comfortable Indiana home to be transplanted on the raw prairies of Kansas. Just how raw the prairies really were had to be learned the hard way by both she and her husband -- grasshoppers, blizzards, dust storms, and drought.

What about the pepper in her pie? You will discover what it really was as you read this book by Mrs. Cleon Martin (the same author who wrote the Nancy Martin Series).

227 pages. Hardcover. Pathway Publishers.

Book 1 of the Amish Pioneer Series.

Published in 2004.

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