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  Nancy Martin Series Mrs. Cleon Martin  
Also known as the Pineapple Quilt Series, this set of six books presents the experiences of Nancy Martin, an Old Order Mennonite girl. The setting and the story are authentic (though fictional), the author herself being a member of the Old Order community of which she writes.



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[The Pineapple Quilt] The Pineapple Quilt -- This story tells of Nancy Martin's first year working away from home. You will enjoy reading about her struggles and triumphs as she strives to submit to authority, prepares for baptism, and faces disappointments and grief.

240 pages. Hardcover. Pathway Publishers.

[Footprints in the Sand] Footprints in the Sand -- Nancy accompanies her brother to a new farm in a new community. This book has 27 chapters with such titles as "Haunted Blue Castle" and "From Cloud Nine to Number Six."

288 pages. Hardcover. Pathway Publishers.

Reprinted in 2007.

Cedar Creek Pebbles -- Nancy Martin reluctantly agrees to teach school. Share her joys and trials as she collects her pebbles -- gems of wisdom from the Book of Books.

256 pages. Hardcover. Pathway Publishers.

Valley Farm -- For Nancy, who is now married to Urias, life continues to be a learning and growing process.

296 pages. Hardcover. Pathway Publishers.


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Little Blue Sunbonnet -- When Nancy took care of three-year-old Joy Smith, she did not realize that many years later Joy would return as a teenager and want to stay.

264 pages. Hardcover. Pathway Publishers.

The Shepherd's Staff -- In this sixth book of the Pineapple Quilt Series, the life story of Nancy Martin and her family continues among the Old Order Mennonites of Waterloo County, Ontario. Joy Smith, a teenager whom Nancy babysat years earlier, is now also part of the family.">

266 pages. Hardcover. Pathway Publishers.

Published in 2003.

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