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  What Mennonites Believe J.C. Wenger  


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[What Mennonites Believe] J. C. Wenger explains who Mennonites are and what they stand for. He goes on to explore beliefs held in common by Christians of all denominations and highlights those stressed by Mennonites. Included is an explanation of how the 16th-century Radical Reformation group, the Anabaptists, are the spiritual ancestors of Mennonites and how what the Anabaptists taught and the persecution they experienced affects Mennonite beliefs today.

Recommended for Mennonites as a helpful aid to explaining their beliefs and for those curious about the beliefs and lifestyle of simplicity, Biblical pacifism, strong sense of community, and service orientation of Mennonites.

Revised 1991. 96 pages. Paperback. Herald Press.

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