[Anabaptist Bookstore] Dress-Making Service
by Mennonite Seamstress
Where seekers come . . . .

I received my dress today. It is beautiful. I could not wait to put it on. It fits just like it was made for me. There is nothing I would change. God bless you for this lovely dress.


Have you been wanting plain dresses?

My wife Ruby (contact) does custom sewing for people just like you. She has scores of very satisfied customers.

To give you an idea of what Ruby offers, here are a few dress photos and brief descriptions.

The custom dresses she sews are made from patterns cut out for each individual customer based on that person's unique measurements! That's right; the dresses are custom-fitted according to the measurements you provide.

Unless you request otherwise . . .

  • All sleeves have elastic.
  • Dresses are made with hidden zippers down the back.

The information you provide below is not your final order. It is merely your initial inquiry; Ruby will contact you for your final confirmation as well as any further information she needs.

Please Note: We no longer provide the fabric. You will need to ship your own fabric to Ruby or order fabric shipped to her (from Gehmans Country Fabrics or Graceful Threads, for example). In her reply to your initial inquiry below, Ruby will tell you how much fabric your dress will require.

If you have questions you would like answered before submitting the form below, please send Ruby an email.

Last significant update: February 27, 2015

Age (and matching dress price)
0-1 years old
2-3 years old
4-7 years old
  8-12 years old
13-15 years old
16 years old and up

Prices include shipping to send the finished dress to you via Priority Mail.

Each of the following increases the price by $5:

  • Pockets
  • Hem (not more than 2.5 inches)
  • Nursing openings
  • Extra large (40" waist or more)
Personal Contact Information
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
City, State, Zip Code:
Phone:     (include area code)

Fabric and Styles
Type: Cape       No Cape
Collar: Square       Round       Stand-up       No collar
Belt: Built-in belt       Separate belt       No belt
Skirt: Gathered skirt; non-elastic waist       Flared skirt; non-elastic waist
Gathered skirt; elastic waist


  • Since these are customized dresses, the measurements below are essential. Saying "I'm size 14" isn't enough.
  • Do not allow for seams in your measuring.
  • If you have a dress that fits you well, use its measurements (except for bust, waist and hips).
  • Clicking on the links in this next section will pop up a graphic illustration. If this doesn't work for you, please let us know.

Sleeve: inches     (length from armpit to desired length)
Skirt Length: inches     (waist to hem)
Neck: inches     (circumference at the base)
Bust: inches     (circumference)
Waist: inches     (circumference)
Hips: inches     (circumference)
Shoulder: inches     (neck seam to shoulder seam)
Chest: inches     (between middle of armhole seams -- above bust)
Back: inches     (zipper to middle of armhole seam)
Armhole: inches     (shoulder seam to side seam)
Front Bodice: inches     (front -- neck line to waist)
Back Bodice: inches     (back -- neck line to waist)
Side Seam: inches     (bottom armhole seam to waist)

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