Speedy Spanish
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Produced by
the Bechtel Family

Speedy Spanish I

An elementary Spanish course written on third grade reading level. Successfully used by first graders through adults. Being used in most of the 50 States by Christian schools and homeschoolers. Also used by missionaries in Mexico, Germany, Belize, Guatemala and South America.

Thirty lessons plus 6 reviews teach over 500 words. Each lesson is divided into 5 parts, one section for each day of the week. Matching exercises, games, Bible verses, and songs make this a fast, fun way to learn to speak Spanish. Self-teaching cassettes make it possible for student to teach himself and to correct his own work.

  • 178 page book with vocabulary cards. Paperback
  • Set of four 90 minute tapes (Guatemalan speaker)
  • High school tests for Spanish I (5 tests)
  • Answer key for tests

Speedy Spanish II

An elementary Spanish course written on fourth grade level. Reviews words learned in SPEEDY SPANISH I and adds more than 500 new words. Contains the same number of lessons as Book I, using the same format. This course adds conjugation of verbs, writing Spanish words and translating along with the matching exercises, games, reviews, Bible verses, and songs.

  • 196 page book with vocabulary cards. Paperback
  • Set of four 90 minute tapes (Guatemalan speaker)
  • High school test for Book II (5 tests)
  • Answer key for tests

Speedy Spanish Primers

Pre-school and elementary Spanish book with over 1000 words and pictures to color.
  • PRIMER 1 -- colors, numbers, months, days
  • PRIMER 2 -- seasons, home, school, church
  • PRIMER 3 -- animals, people
  • PRIMER 4 -- body, clothes, food
  • PRIMER 5 -- things, places
  • PRIMER 6 -- opposites
  • All six of the above Primers are in one 8.5 by 11 spiral-bound book. 336 pages.
    • Primer and tape
    • Book only

    Spanish Bible Verse Posters

    50 posters with pictures and Spanish Bible verses to color. May be copied within your home or school. Fun for any age Spanish student!

    Spanish A B C

    A valuable guide for learning the sounds of the Spanish alphabet and vowel combinations. After you learn these basic sounds, you can read almost anything written in Spanish. Also includes some basic hints about Spanish punctuation, syllables, sentence structure, and grammar. Includes a 30-min. cassette with alphabet sounds. A valuable reference guide.

    • Spiral-bound book and tape

    Speedy Spanish was developed and is produced by the Wilmer Bechtel family. The husbands of their two Guatemalan daughters are the Spanish speakers on the tapes, along with a lady who has been a missionary in Mexico for 20 years. Most of Bechtels' nine children and companions are involved in some way in the production of this course, written especially for homeschoolers but also effective in classrooms. May God bless this course to the praise of His glory!

    What are others saying

    "We love Speedy Spanish, and of course, we are using it again with our homeschooling group here in Texas."

    "It's fun for the children. We love the Bible verses and the little praise songs are marvelous."

    "Thank you for putting together such a Christian, compact, easy to use curriculum. I am a part-time bilingual teacher and home with my preschoolers. Many of my home-schooling friends have asked me to help teach their children Spanish. I didn't find any secular curriculums that wouldn't require hours of preparing. Your curriculum was everything I wanted and more!

    "You have challenged me by your perspective that one of the purposes for learning a foreign language is to be able to share the love of God with more people. I am inspired to teach my daughter Spanish."

    "I taught Spanish four years and looked at many programs--this is the best I have seen. We love this program! May God bless you all as you have blessed us!"

    "If you want an inexpensive, simple, excellent elementary Spanish course with Biblical content, this item may interest you!"       - Mary Pride

    "This course speaks for itself!"

    "My concern is that I may be unable to adequately teach a foreign language. However, I have been assured that your program is designed to accomplish this task in a relatively painless manner. Your Speedy Spanish program, highly regarded by members of various home-schooling organizations in my state, appears to offer the most comprehensive instruction for both student and teacher."


    Christian Ethics for YOUth

    "A thorough and well-organized study of the Book of Proverbs. Excellent for youth classes and special studies on the Proverbs." Young and old will enjoy the many illustrations from real life that will help them apply the Biblical truths to their lives.

    "Our church group is using Christian Ethics for Bible study. We are finding it very beneficial."

    "I just completed Christian Ethics and I liked it very much. Do you have any other Bible studies? If so, I would like to order them." (from a teenage boy)

    "Our family is really enjoying Christian Ethics as a devotional book. It has so many valuable lessons."

    "It is a wonderful book! I really liked the thought questions in the workbook; they prompted some good discussions with my daughter. I am looking forward to using it with our other children."

    The 42 chapters in the book cover most of the Proverbs' topics. Some subjects covered in the book are:
  • wisdom helps me trust...obey...submit...turn from evil
  • the tongue of the wise
  • the tongue of the foolish
  • respect or rebellion [Christian Ethics for YOUth]
  • diligence
  • laziness
  • greed
  • anger
  • poverty
  • wealth
  • pride
  • peace
  • humility
  • temperance
  • counsel
  • purity
  • manners
  • friendships
  • the strange woman
  • the faithful man
  • The last 71 pages of the book, Topical Proverbs, divides Proverbs into 46 topics.

    This is a devotional and study book especially written for teens 15-19.

    • Christian Ethics for YOUth -- Paper, perfect bound. 305 pages
    • Workbook -- expands each topic in the textbook and encourages Bible study
    • Workbook answer key
    • Set of the above three

    • High school tests for Christian Ethics for YOUth
    • Answer key for tests

    Bible Rhyme Color Time

    36 pages of Bible verse rhymes designed to help children memorize and understand how God's Word works for them in every day living. There are pictures to color on rhyme pages. Also included is a tablet of 50 posters with Bible verses to color and hang. Posters may be used for classroom borders, or hung on walls at home, or given to Grandparents and shut-ins. Posters also make nice scrapbook pages. This is one way to "talk of them when thou sittest in thine house,...and...bind them for a sign upon thine hand...and write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates." Ideal for the 1-5th graders who love to color.

    • Bible Rhyme Coloring Book
    • Bible Posters -- May be copied within your home or school

    School Days Devotional Praise

    36 weeks of daily devotions for the homeschool or classroom. A devotional with a purpose. Begin every school day with a character building story and Bible reading. Each week's outline includes a Bible memory passage; song and poem focused on a particular topic for the week. A story for each day of week is centered on the weekly topic, depicting a Bible character or a true, present-day boy or girl who displays the character quality being considered.

    A few of the topics are: obedience, deceit, foolishness, stubbornness, courage, disobedience, pride, submission, choices, thankfulness, selfishness, prayer time, wisdom, etc. The purpose of this book is to encourage students to do their best, and to help them develop a servant attitude and a gratitude attitude. This book is appropriate for grades 1-8.

    Posters throughout the book illustrate lessons to be learned. These posters may be copied and colored by students, then used a plaques or placed in a scrapbook. A perfect bound 534-page book. Comes with a tape of songs.

    Sharpen Up

    Extra seatwork for the fast student or the slow student who needs more practice. A 325 page book of exercises in synonyms, antonyms, language skills, math skills, map skills, writing practice, reading comprehension, following directions, Bible knowledge, manners, and more. Different levels of activities for grades 2-5. Spiral-bound, reproducible

    School Posters

    Motivational, encouraging, challenging posters for the study center. 90 reproducible posters to help your students be and do their very best. Posters are powerful teaching tools

    Yours makes it accesses. Thank you!

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