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Special Focus on #5

The first three of these books I have read repeatedly from my youth. The comments and reviews about them are taken from the site.

[Through Gates of Splendor] Through Gates of Splendor
by Elisabeth Elliot

After several preliminary overtures of friendship, five young missionary men set out on a crucial January day in 1956 for a meeting with the Auca tribesmen who had reacted with apparent tolerance to earlier gifts and messages. This is the poignant story of their martyrdom told by the widow of one of the slain members of the group.

[Jungle Pilot] Jungle Pilot
by Russel T. Hitt

In 1956, pilot Nate Saint and four other missionaries were killed in Ecuador by the Waodani (Auca) Indians they had come to serve. Now Nate's gripping story of faithful service for Christ is brought up to date through the epilogue written by his son, Steve.

[Shadow of the Almighty] Shadow of the Almighty
by Elisabeth Elliot

The bestselling account of the martyrdom of Jim Elliot and four other missionaries at the hands of the Auca Indians in Ecuador. New introduction by the author.

"Elizabeth Elliot's account is more than inspirational reading; it belongs to the very heartbeat of evangelic witness" (Christianity Today).

[The Savage My Kinsman] The Savage My Kinsman
by Elisabeth Elliot

Over forty years ago the world was shocked by the news that Auca Indians had martyred Jim Elliot and four other American missionaries in the jungles of Ecuador. That was the first chapter of one of the most breathtaking stories of the 20th century. This book tells the story in text and pictures of Elisabeth Elliot's venture into Auca territory to live with the same Indians who had killed her husband.

Journals of Jim Elliot
by Jim Elliot; edited by Elisabeth Elliot

Much of the content of this book are straight from the journals of Jim Elliot. This is not the book for the casual reader. Many entries are the written impressions or feelings that he got from his morning devotions. Unlike a devotional, these thoughts were from Jim's experience and are obscure in many instances. For someone new to the Jim Elliot story, probably Shadow of the Almighty or Through Gates of Splendor would be a better choice. The Journals give you a glimpse into the private side of Jim Elliot.

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