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  Lovers of the Truth Naomi Rosenberry  


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[Lovers of the Truth] "The Turks are coming!" The cry rang through the market village of Pausram. "The Turks are coming!" It came louder this time. Dogs barked wildly, and somewhere a woman screamed.

Justin dropped his needle and looked at Father in alarm. "It sounds as if they are already here!"

"You hide. I'll lock the doors." Father's voice was urgent. "I hope Stefan isn't captured. I wish he were home!"

The Kemptens, a Moravian family, search for spiritual security after the Turks kidnap their son Stefan. Driven from home and sold into slavery, Stefan seeks answers to his perplexities and begins to find them through the Greek Brethren.

This captivating story is built on an often overlooked but significant event in Anabaptist history recorded in the Martyrs Mirror. Through some Moravian captives, the Thessalonican Christians learn about the Anabaptists of Moravia.

Lovers of the Truth is a well-researched, stirring story developed from this historical record. It should inspire readers of all ages to be sincere lovers of the truth.

207 pages. Hardcover. Eastern Mennonite Publications.

Published in 2003.

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