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  At Anabaptist Bookstore you will find tapes and CDs by these groups:
    [bullet]   A Capella Harmony Quartet
    [bullet]   Calvary Quintet
    [bullet]   Garment of Praise
    [bullet]   Hearts Aglow
    [bullet]   Magnolia Melodies
    [bullet]   Maranatha Bible School
    [bullet]   Pilgrim Chorus
    [bullet]   Sharon Singers
    [bullet]   Sunshine Valley Quartet
    [bullet]   The Mennonite Hour Singers
    [bullet]   The Mountain Anthems
    [bullet]   Voice of Praise

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Updated: May 17, 2011

Honor and Praise -- Hearts Aglow

  [bullet]   Tears Are a Language 2830 Kb
  [bullet]   Lean on Me 1885 Kb
  [bullet]   My Heart Your Bethlehem 2953 Kb
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Maranatha Chorale 2004 -- Maranatha Bible School

  [bullet]   Yes, Lord, Yes 4904 Kb
  [bullet]   Shout to the North 2322 Kb
  [bullet]   Prepare Ye 4031 Kb
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God Is With Us -- Sharon Singers 2006
  [bullet]   Prayer of the Children 4057 Kb
  [bullet]   I'll Give It To Him 5205 Kb
  [bullet]   We Are Not Alone 2095 Kb
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Worth the Journey -- Garment of Praise
  [bullet]   Go Right Out 1854 Kb
  [bullet]   I've Passed Over 1840 Kb
  [bullet]   He Knows Just What I Need 3225 Kb
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Purpose -- A Cappella Harmony Quartet 2004
  [bullet]   Strong 2503 Kb
  [bullet]   Purpose 3225 Kb
  [bullet]   Keep in the Middle of the Road 2634 Kb
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Lookin' Up -- A Cappella Harmony Quartet 2002
  [bullet]   Deep River 2034 Kb
  [bullet]   Get Out of the Boat 2353 Kb
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Till the Storm Passes By -- The Mountain Anthems 1973
    Real Audio Clips
  [bullet]   Where Will You Be 408 Kb
  [bullet]   Surely Goodness and Mercy 408 Kb
  [bullet]   Where No One Stands Alone 562 Kb
  [bullet]   Til The Storm Passes By 439 Kb
  [bullet]   Secret Prayer 436 Kb
  [bullet]   Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul 408 Kb

Come to the Water / Grace Enough -- Mountain Anthems 1975
    Real Audio Clips
  [bullet]   Had It not Been 402Kb
  [bullet]   For Those Tears I Died 445Kb
  [bullet]   Wasted Years 417Kb
  [bullet]   Why Me, Lord? 472Kb

Lord Jesus, Come -- The Mountain Anthems 1976
    Real Audio Clips
  [bullet]   Hallelujah Square 380 Kb
  [bullet]   Lord Jesus, Come 455 Kb
  [bullet]   Because He Lives 408 Kb

Under His Wings -- The Mountain Anthems 1999
    Real Audio Clips
  [bullet]   Yes, I Know 408 Kb
  [bullet]   Come to the Water 380 Kb
  [bullet]   Christ Liveth in Me 297 Kb
  [bullet]   Ivory Palaces 332 Kb
  [bullet]   Under His Wings 380 Kb

Turn Your Hearts Toward Home -- Sharon Singers 1998
    Real Audio MP3
  [bullet]   If You Want Joy 626Kb 758Kb
  [bullet]   Faithful Love 831Kb 1,017Kb
  [bullet]   I Know The Lord's Laid His Hands On Me 637Kb 765Kb
  [bullet]   I Know My Jesus Lives 953Kb 1,162Kb
  [bullet]   Remember Thy Creator 1,320Kb 1,623Kb

Hymns and Favorites -- A Cappella Harmony Quartet -- 1999 release
    Real Audio MP3
  [bullet]   Sweet Beaulah Land 1,208Kb 1,487Kb
  [bullet]   How Great Thou Art 1,463Kb 1,802Kb
  [bullet]   I'll Fly Away 973Kb 1,195Kb
  [bullet]   There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood 1,288Kb 1,577Kb
  [bullet]   The Lighthouse 1,153Kb 1,409Kb
  [bullet]   God Be with You 704Kb 855Kb

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