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  Lost on the Trail Kenneth Taylor  


[Lost on the Trail] In Lost on the Trail, Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd who leads his lost ones home. He calms the fearful, comforts the sorrowful, and helps the desperate.

Pain, love, fear, hate, joy, hope, anxiety -- these are some of the contrasting elements of drama in Lost on the Trail. The whole story revolves about intense rivalry between Bill Baker and Art Smith.

Bill is a serious boy, kind, considerate, and a Christian -- though not a strong one. When an exciting and invigorating hike turns into a nightmare, it is Bill who leads the staggering, exhausted group to safety. This episode makes him a hero, and the bitter enemy of Art.

Art Smith is a coward and a bully. Because of his cheating, lying, and stealing, the others turn against him and ostracize him. Hatred swells in his heart, resulting in a strenuous fight with God and Satan. This intense hatred develops into a cunning plot -- a plot to get even with Bill.

97 pages. Paperback. Ridgeway Books.

Ridgeway Books edition published in 2006 by permission of Tyndale House Foundation.

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