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  The Other Side of the River Kevin Reeves  


[The Other Side of the River] When mystical experiences and strange doctrines overtake his church, one man risks all to find the truth. This true story is the compelling and deeply personal account of a young man's spiritual plunge into a movement called the River (or the Third Wave or the Latter Rain).

Sometimes referred to as the River Revival, it promises an incoming tide of blessing but leaves in its wake tsunami-like devastation. This movement is marked by unbiblical (even bizarre) manifestations, false prophecies, esoteric revelations, and cult-like teachings and authority structure. Warnings of divine retribution hold many adherents in a bondage of fear, making them afraid to speak out or even question those things they are taught and to which they are witness.

This is a major movement sweeping through the church and it has wooed a generation of unwary believers and led them into a substitute spirituality. The Word of God has been placed on the back burner and personal experience reigns supreme. A host of unscriptural visions and ecstatic utterances have paved the way for a radical departure from the apostolic Christianity of the early Church.

In a biographical setting, The Other Side of the River is a powerful and needed warning to the body of Christ in a day and age when church-growth techniques mixed with mystical practices are leaving a wreckage of human lives littered with the debris of false doctrine. For Kevin Reeves, his determination to rescue his family came to the forefront, even if the cost was high and even if he had to stand alone. His journey back into the freedom and simplicity of Jesus Christ would be worth the price.

Some of the topics this book addresses:

  • Word Faith movement
  • Holy Laughter
  • Slain in the Spirit practice
  • Emphasis on humanity of Jesus over Deity
  • Gifts and calling for the unbeliever
  • Experience versus Scripture
  • Repetitive chanting and singing
  • Paradigm shift
  • Understanding true worship

228 pages. Paperback. Lighthouse Trails Publishing.

Published in 2007.

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