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  Calls to Courage  


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[Calls to Courage] Sixth graders are looking for examples to follow -- courageous examples of heroes and heroines. Christian Light Education's sixth grade reader provides them with many challenging examples:
  • George Washington Carver, who made the worst soil in Alabama bear like no one else believed it could
  • young Jakob, who discovered that responsibility was much more than a spelling word
  • Judith, who learned that maturity doesn't come in the mail
  • Jack, the slave who found the most important thing in the world and was willing to suffer so that others could have it too
Selections in Calls to Courage center around five themes:
  • "So Many Things to Learn"
  • "Contentment"
  • "Courage"
  • "In All Thy Ways"
  • "Responsibility"

330 pages. Hardcover. Christian Light Publications.

Published in 2003.

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