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  Rogue Elephant
  Man-Eaters Don't Laugh
Charles Ludwig  


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[Rogue Elephant & Man-Eaters Don't Laugh] Two missionary stories set in the heart of Africa.

In Rogue Elephant, go with Missionary Green and his two native Christian boys as they follow the path of a vicious elephant. What adventures they have, especially in the village of a cannibal tribe. They finally find the Rogue, and then the way is open to present the Gospel to the Gishu.

In Man-Eaters Don't Laugh, they take the Gospel to Chief Mugo and his tribe. Dando, the witch doctor, does everything he can to get rid of the white man. After the witch doctor is exposed and Ndama returns good for evil, the people are ready to listen to the Gospel and accept the Savior.

164 pages. Paperback. King's Bookshelf Publications.

Original copyrights: 1954, 1967
Two-in-one edition copyright: 1999

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