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  The King's Book Louise A. Vernon  


temporarily out of stock

[The King's Book] What was the mystery behind the printing of King James Bible in 1611? Who was the secret editor who published the work of 54 different translators and made the Bible sing? Before Nat Culver, a son of a translator, finds out answers to these questions, he is plunged into a series of baffling incidents concerning accusations made against his father.

Why was his father being called a traitor? Who was this secret enemy? Could it be one of the translators? Or did the accusations concern the threat of a Catholic uprising, like another Gunpowder Plot?

With the help of Button, servant to King James' right-hand man, Nat discovers his father's enemy and why this man was a fanatic. Along the way, Nat discovers, too, more about the Bible than he ever thought possible.

144 pages. Paperback. Herald Press.

Reprinted in 2002.

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