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  Why Do They Dress That Way? Stephen Scott  


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[Why Do They Dress That Way?] One group of people's dress utters volumes about them though they are otherwise quiet and unobtrusive

Written by a man who has chosen to "dress plain," this book describes the history and use of hats, bonnets, dresses, overcoats, and other articles of clothing used by the various religious groups who wear plain garb.

The plain people take commitment to the brotherhood very seriously. An individual's dress is considered part of the united testimony of the group. Unbecoming conduct not only affects a member's own testimony and relationship with God, but the reputation of the whole church as well.

By wearing distinctive garb, plain people are constantly conscious of being outwardly identified as Christians and so, ideally, they seek to make their conduct consistent with their dress. A Mennonite woman told how as a girl her father decided to take the family to an amusement park. He thought this would be innocent fun even though such entertainment was frowned on by their church. While they were at the park, the father overheard someone say in a disgusted tone, "Mennonites -- what are they doing here?" The family went home and never returned to such a place again.

This is the first comprehensive book about why more than 150,000 persons in North America wear plain clothes for religious reasons. Authoritative, yet gentle in tone, this book will be of interest to many readers.

People's Place Book #7

159 pages. 95 illustrations. Paperback. Good Books.

The plain people are Christians who believe discipleship encompasses every area of life, including dress. They do not separate doctrine from daily living. They are convinced that a true follower of Jesus Christ will be recognized not only by conduct and speech but also by appearance.

The plain people look different because they believe God's people should be distinctly separate from the surrounding world. The values and beliefs of a committed Christian are seen as radically opposed to those of the unconverted masses. They feel the world is controlled largely by Satan and the forces of evil. And so, they reason, conformity to the fads and fashions of popular society indicates identity with the world's system.

Table of Contents

  1. Dress is a Language
  2. The Religious Basis for Plain Clothing
  3. Where Did the Plain Pattern Come From?
  4. The Faithful Few
  5. Change: A Case Study from the Mennonite Church
  6. Who Else Dresses Plain?
  7. Common Objections to Plain Dress
  8. My Path to Plainness
  9. Will Plain Dress Survive?
  10. General Clothing Details
  11. Women's Clothing
  12. Men's Clothing
  13. Plain Dress in Detail

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