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  War-Torn Valley Joyce Miller  


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[War-Torn Valley] On a lovely morning in June, 1861, the tranquility of the Lord's Day worship service at the Weaver's Church in Shenandoah Valley of Virginia is rudely shattered. Two officials from the newly organized American Confederacy appear abruptly and announce that all boys and men between the ages of eighteen and forty-five are to report for military training the following week.

Consternation and sorrow, mingled with questions and fear, follow their departure as the congregation faces the conflicting requirements of God's Word and the State.

Lavina Rose Blosser, along with her family, are caught in the throes of the difficult situation. How Father can retain his integrity before God and escape a prison sentence or a possible death penalty for refusing to obey the State becomes the first question. Many more follow. Nathaniel will soon be draft age, and Matthew follows next.

With Father gone, the family bravely struggles with the farm work, sickness, food shortages, and other emergencies, barely making it sometimes.

Courage, faith, prayer, waiting on the Lord, rest in alarming circumstances, love for enemies, returning good for evil, Christian fortitude -- all are portrayed in action by the characters in this engrossing narrative.

Very well written, the factually-accurate chain of events in this story plot are filled with conflict, excitement, supsense, and tense moments.

A realistic presentation of life among the Mennonites in Virginia during the Civil War days and a realistic picture of what life could be like for modern-day Christians in America should circumstances in America change.

256 pages. Hardcover. Rod and Staff Publishers.

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