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  Trouble at Windy Acres Mary M. Landis  


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[Trouble at Windy Acres] When Uncle Lewis Winters suffers a heart attack and Jonathan and Carl have to help Tom Hillman with the chores at Windy Acres, an exciting and perplexing chain of events is set in motion that carries the reader along with keen interest and suspense until the closing chapter of the book.

Choring with impatient and unreasonable Tom Hillman presents quite a few problems to Carl, who is a young Christian and whose natural impulses are to retaliate. Cousin Harold's efforts to help one evening bring only more complications.

High Christian ideals are upheld throughout the book, with special teaching given on loving our enemies, praying for those who despitefully use us, and suffering injustice without retaliation.

In the midst of unjust accusations, hard words, and theft, their lives demonstrate how nonresistance really works.

208 pages. Hardcover. Rod and Staff Publishers.

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