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  On Teaching Writing Jennifer Crider  


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[On Teaching Writing] You want your students to write well, to express themselves on paper in a clear, organized, and interesting way. Such writing isn't automatic -- it is taught. And that brings a question: How do you teach writing? Where do you start?

This book can help you teach writing effectively. And though young writers and their writing will vary, every student can benefit from your writing classes.

Here are insights into the minds of young writers, encouragement and how-tos for teachers, what makes a good writing class, the four steps used by successful writers, suggestions for presenting written work, pointers for writing lessons, story starter ideas, and much more. On Teaching Writing is packed with useful tools.

from the Introduction

This book will not teach creative writing for you. It does not have all the answers. But it gives you ideas and practical help for tackling the job.

The writing and teaching methods discussed in this book should be easily adaptable to any age and any school system -- classroom, individualized, or homeschool. If you are a classroom teacher, you should have no trouble planning and holding a writing workshop. If you teach in an individualized school, you can have creative writing as a class, since students from all grade levels can work at writing together -- one big family of all ages. The same is true for homeschoolers. You may find it even easier than schools to have time for creative writing because of your flexibility.

The first four sections of this book discuss the general format of your writing workshop and explain various procedures to follow. They define the basic writing process, give recommendations for assessment, suggest ways for teaching specific genres, and give miscellaneous suggestions. The last section is a list of ideas -- ideas you can use for writing projects or to spark a child's (or your own) imagination. The ideas are suggestions only, not assignments.

133 pages. Spiral bound. Christian Light Publications.

Published in 2000.

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