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  Sew Fast and Sew Easy Dorothy Yoder  


temporarily out of stock

[Sew Fast and Sew Easy] Over 200 ways to make sewing easier and simpler! Everything from recycling to making new clothes -- even coverings!

Have you ever wondered how you could get more sewing done more efficiently? Or how to make it more enjoyable?

In this book you will enjoy ideas to help you make your own clothes with less hassle -- ideas for everything from setting your sewing machine tensions to altering patterns to using leftover thread. The author shares simple yet profound ideas like . . .

  • "chalking" snaps
  • making an adjustable belt
  • using white vinegar to remove old hem marks
Whether you're a beginner wanting help with the basics or an experienced seamstress in need of inspiration . . . you'll love Sew Fast & Sew Easy.

108 pages. Paperback. Carlisle Press.

Revised edition: 2001 -- new format, chapter on quilting added.

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