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  Mister World and Miss Church-Member W. S. Harris  


[Mister World and Miss Church-Member] An allegory written at the beginning of the twentieth century. Miss Church-Member is tricked into leaving the King's Highway by the polite, yet fiendish Mr. World. Their journey along the broad way leads to greater deception and a terrible ending.

The book is somewhat after the style of Pilgrims's Progress, but in no sense is it an imitation of any existing work of the kind. It is a masterful presentation, wrought out with excellent judgement and consummate skill.

The creatures of the author's vivid imagination are perfectly formed and fittingly clothed, living, moving, feeling, talking, in complete harmony as the development of the great drama goes on to its consummation. The author has evidently made a careful and profound study of the manifold dangers which beset the Christian church and threaten her spirituality, and consequently her influence and power in saving the lost and maintaining the gospel standard of life and godliness in the world.

The encroachments of worldlings upon the church are truthfully land graphically set forth. The manifold forms of temptation and danger are clearly exposed, and faithful, tender, earnest warnings and admonitions are set over against them. In depicting the various efforts of Satan and his agents to lead Christians away from God and duty, the author shows an extensive knowledge of the devices of the evil one, as well as a clear insight into the drift and tendency of modern forms of wickedness.

The final results of compromise with the world are set forth in vivid, graphic pictures drawn of the dark shadows as with a pencil of fire. the downward course of the deluded soul is followed, step by step; the snares and delusions of sin are exposed; the mask of vice is relentlessly torn away, and church-members can here see what fellowship with the world really means and whither it leads.

The religious tone of the book throughout is excellent. The delusive character of sin is plainly pointed out. The devices of Satan are laid bare with unsparing hand. The abominations of vice are not concealed. All this is done in language well chosen and unexceptionable.

331 pages. Paperback. PrairieView Press.

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