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  The Russians' Secret Peter Hoover with Serguei V. Petrov  


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[The Russians' Secret: What Christians Today Would Survive Persecution?] What Christians Today Would Survive Persecution? A book about Russia's underground believers. Only if you are not typical -- if your choose to be a "weed that floats upstream" -- you may want to know the secret by which Russian Christianity survived through a thousand years of suffering.

"True to the spirit of Russia's believers, this work gives a colourful and detailed description of faith 'underground.' But what makes it unique is the author's penetration of the soul of Russian belief -- in so many ways dissimilar to western belief in God." Leonid Maslennikov, Russian professor, James Madison University

"Westerners have become increasingly aware of the Russian people's deep roots in Eastern Orthodoxy. The Russians' Secret introduces us to 'another' side of Russian Christianity not as well known in the West, the 'little traditions' of sectarian, mystical, and evangelical faith that have always existed alongside the official Orthodox church. This, book, written for the general reader, offers a sweeping and detailed view of those radical Christian movements without stooping to superficiality." William Rushby, member, Rockingham Meeting of Conservative Friends and independent scholar

247 pages. Paperback. Benchmark Press.

Published in 1999.


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It has been a long time since I have read a book of this caliber. The Russians' Secret is one that must be shared. There is so much we, as American Christians, can learn from these brothers and sisters that really know the meaning of counting the cost. I wondered often in this book if I could have been as faithful! This was an excellent read and greatly thought provoking.       Janet Elsea from Grantsville

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