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  The Smuggler's Quest Lilly Bear  


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[The Smuggler's Quest] "Go! Get out!" Mama screamed. "Ya good-for-nothing cur!"

Ten-year-old Hugo stumbled across the door sill.... "Someday," he muttered. "Someday," he repeated defiantly, "I will be someone big! Just wait!"

From then on Hugo Donado was driven by a fierce longing for approval, to be important. He succeeded beyond anyone's expectations. He married a lovely girl. He had a house and cars and money. He was admired and feared. But instead of satisfaction, there was only a widening chasm of emptiness, a bondage . . . until one night, he heard how a worm became a butterfly.

A true story of a desperate man's joyful discovery of freedom in Jesus Christ.

161 pages. Paperback. Christian Light Publications.

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