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  Mennonite Church Directory  


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[Mennonite Church Directory] A directory of congregations and ordained leaders of the Mennonite Church who are teaching and practicing the doctrines of the Scriptures as historically held by the Mennonite Church.

Here you will find non-Conference, fellowship, unaffiliated, and independent Mennonite churches no longer listed in the Mennonite Yearbook.

  • Geographical directory of congregations

  • Directory of church groups and conferences, with congregations in each group

  • Directions to the meeting houses

  • Ministerial directory giving names, addresses, and other information for bishops, ministers, and deacons

  • Other miscellaneous information (such as publishers, mission boards, and Bible schools)

221 pages. Spiral-bound paperback. Christian Light Publications.

2011 edition

Special Note: This reduced price is for the 2011 edition only.

Publisher's Note

We are happy to present this information as a useful reference source. It is not intended to classify churches, or to imply organizational ties between any of the groups listed.

In these days of moral decadence and spiritual apostasy, it is our desire to uphold the doctrines of the Scriptures as historically taught by the Mennonite church; such as
  • separation from the world
  • nonresistance
  • separation of church and state
  • permanence of marriage
  • the Christian women's veiling
  • moral purity
  • leadership of man
  • Our goal is to include in the book those churches whom we understand to be practicing the same and whose teachings are most alike.

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